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GCAAR Form 1301 - GCAAR Sales Contract 7/2016 Page 1 of 8 Initials Seller/ Buyer/ 4. DEPOSIT Buyer s deposit Deposit in the amount of shall be held by Escrow Agent. JURISDICTIONAL ADDENDUM The following Jurisdictional Addendum if ratified and attached is made a part of this Contract. Jurisdictional Addendum for DC MD/County 3. PRICE AND FINANCING All percentages refer to percent of Sales Price. GCAAR Sales Contract TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE AS TO ALL TERMS OF THIS CONTRACT. This SALES...
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Good afternoon friends and welcome back to our negotiation strategies my name is Rodrigo Vedic, and I'm with stages premier realtor's today our second video is going to focus on negotiations with writing an offer so hey rod thank you so much for coming out and meet with me absolutely you know what as a buyer really thought about submitting an offer we didn't have an opportunity to take a look at the comp however what we would like to do is we like to put in an offer somewhere between eight ten and eight fifteen and that is with parking nine well I tell you what there are two real key factors here the largest one right now is that the home has been on the market only for seven days the comparable we looked at for 830,000 was only in the market for twenty days, and it's sold right at list price so the concern if we come in lower than that because we only go in the market for seven days is that we can alienate ourselves potentially from the seller because it's been such a short amount of time they could do one of two things they could actually ignore the offer, or they could counter the offer and if they counter the offer they're going to come back probably right there at the list price I see they have that comparable that they're looking at a like well I'm gonna wait if I have to for a little more time on the other hand if they own the home and been in the market for maybe say 30 days we'd have a much better opportunity of utilizing those days on market in our favor instead I understand well yeah then with that said we really want to purchase the home okay really do so what do you think we should do all for your off or what I would recommend to you since you really want the house I'm going to say go in a little less is what is a seller credit important to you do you feel like you want some money back to help me I'm fine with that I'm closing okay all right then what I would say is this if you really want it I'd say, and you want to get some kind of discount there's nothing wrong with coming in like eight hundred and twenty thousand dollars however just keep in mind though that more than likely you'll have to be up closer to that list price if not right at it okay well then with that said, so basically we're looking at 820 with parking correct all right let's do it agents what you just saw was a demonstration of negotiating from a selling agent buyer's agent with a buyer the focus of the negotiation I didn't so much based upon the numbers that we use in this scenario but more on how we can bring come to a happy middle so that the buyer feels as though that they're being heard by the agent but yet the agent is showing the underlying fundamental values of what market value is and why it's so important specifically the days on market make a huge difference in this particular scenario the next video would be focusing on multiple offer situations please join us again my name is rod with stages premier realtors if you're interested in learning more about...
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